Louisville, KY

Employee Type:Full-Time

Industry:Healthcare – Pharmaceutical

Experience:At least 2 years

Location: Kentucky (required to travel to facilities in the state of Kentucky)

Contact Information:Please reply to this posting with a copy of your most current resume

Company:UnitedRx, LLC

  • UnitedRx serves the pharmaceutical needs of long-term care facilities and their patients

Position:Long Term Care Pharmacy Customer Service Representative

Purpose:Ensure that medications and biological are stored safety, securely, and properly following the manufacturer or supplier recommendations. The medication supply is accessible only to licensed nursing personnel, pharmacy personnel, or staff members lawfully authorized to administer medications.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Build relationships with Facility Staff, front line technician when there are issues in a facility.
  • Picking up stat/emergency supply from retail pharmacy and delivering to facility
  • Ensure that UnitedRx dispenses medications in containers that meet legal requirements for stability.
  • Ensure that medications are not transferred from containers in which they were received.
  • Inspect medication rooms and med carts. Medication supplies are locked or attended by person with authorized access:
  • Licensed Nurses
  • Consultant Pharmacist
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • Individual lawfully authorized to administer drugs
  • Consultant Nurses
  • Ensure that drugs for internal use are kept separate from externally used medications.
  • Ensure that eye drops, ointments, drops, and inhalers to be kept separate from other medications.
  • Ensure that medications labeled for individual residents are stored separately from floor stock medications.
  • Ensure that external medications including ointments for skin irritations and medication for application to wounds should be kept in a treatment cart, or in a separate drawer in the medication cart which is labeled as such.
  • Ensure that potentially harmful substances (e.g., urine test reagent tablets, household poisons, cleaning supplies, disinfectants) are stored in a locked area separately from medications.
  • Ensure that all drugs classified as Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act are stored under double locks.
  • Ensure that drugs requiring storage at room temperature are stored at a temperature of not less than 59 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ensure that medications requiring “refrigeration” or temperatures between 36 degrees Fahrenheit and 46 degrees Fahrenheit are kept in a refrigerator. Medications requiring storage ‘in a cool place’ are refrigerated unless otherwise directed on the label.
  • Ensure that a thermometer is kept in the refrigerator containing medications to allow proper temperature monitoring and that the temperature is within acceptable range
  • Ensure that refrigerator medications are stored in a manner separating internal and external medications, and separate from fruit juices, applesauce, and other foods used in administrating medications. Other foods (e.g. employee lunches, activity department refreshments) should be not be stored in this refrigerator.
  • Ensure that outdated, contaminated, or deteriorated drugs and those in containers, which are cracked, soiled or without secure closures will be immediately withdrawn from stock. They will be disposed of according to drug disposal procedures, and reordered from the pharmacy if a current order exists.
  • Ensure that medication storage areas are kept clean, well lit, and free of clutter.
  • Ensure that light sensitive and temperature sensitive drugs are properly packaged at the pharmacy and are properly stored at the facility.
  • Ensure that the multi-dose vial is stored following manufacturer’s suggested storage conditions (as indicated by UnitedRx). The facility staff should mark these vials with a date when opened.
  • Ensure that all medications are within expiration dates. Floor stock medication are labeled as “floor stock” and kept in the original manufacture’s container. The expiration date and lot number is present on the original container
  • Ensure that the convenience box, IV box, refrigerator box and other convenience boxes provided by the pharmacy are stored properly and facility staff are following proper procedures when these boxes are opened.
  • Will address all aspects of drug storage and record keeping, and will document for facility follow-up.
  • Other duties as assigned

Shift:9:00 am – 5:00 pm with flexibility when needed as assigned by supervisor

Benefits:Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Vacation, Holiday pay, Excellent work environment, Cell phone,


  • Valid Ohio certified pharmacy technician license in good standing
  • Self-motivated and strong leadership skills
  • The ideal candidate will have a strong sense of teamwork and team building skills
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment and manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Verbal and written skills in communicating in the English language.

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