Hillside, IL 60162

Responsible for entering, properly setting up and verifying all patients’ information into FW system and generating accurate invoices to be sent to the customers.

Primary Responsibility

  • Work directly with the Nursing home facilities, customers and responsible parties to ensure the pharmacy has all information needed to generate correct monthly statements.
  • Identify and resolve patient billing complaints.
  • Answer questions from patients, clerical staff and insurance companies.
  • Make any necessary corrections to the bill if needed.
  • Review each account before the end of month billing to ensure correct invoice is being generated.
  • Prepare and reviews patient statements
  • Prepare and submit claims electronically and/ or on paper to various insurance companies when needed.
  • Record all customer calls and any changes made to the account using Note History function in FW system.
  • Maintain good customer relations.
  • Prepare credits, refunds or adjustments.
  • Prepare documentation for Audits when needed.
  • Maintain strictest confidentiality; adhere to all HIPAA guidelines/regulations.
  • Follow company, federal and state laws dealing with customers’ accounts.


Must be proficient in Framework, Docu Track, Point Click Care.

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