It’s your facility — we’re here to make you look good.

We understand your frustrations, which is why we strive to provide value beyond the medication. Our solutions are customizable. You have a voice in how we serve you, how we communicate with you, and when deliveries are made.

Customer Service

We’re focused on building personal, reliable relationships, which is why we don’t have a general call center. Our pharmacy management team is available to you 24/7. You’ll always know exactly who to call, since providing you with their phone number is part of our on-boarding process and daily customer service.

Our consultant pharmacists will help your facility and staff with medication cart/room reviews, chart reviews to identify duplicative therapy, developing clinical protocols and other issues, thereby removing the burden from you and ensuring smooth visits from state inspectors. Along with nurse consultants, we also provide educational offerings to your staff such as medication administration, disease state and customized education based on your needs (e.g. IV Review Courses).

In addition, our centralized billing, prior authorization and medical records departments are here to relieve you and your staff of administrative burdens. We’re flexible, adaptable and innovative, which means we’re willing to work with you to develop the best solutions for your contracting, pricing, process, and delivery challenges.

We have our own team of drivers who are tracked, uniformed, and – most importantly – trained in the art of customer service. In fact, many of them are pharmacy technicians, so they understand the importance of timely and accurate delivery.


We communicate the way you need to communicate. We’re well-versed in all eHR systems and once we’re integrated with you, the need for paper MR goes away. But if you aren’t there yet, telephone and fax orders are still in our wheelhouse.

The newest tool in our communication armamentarium is Mediprocity, a secure HIPAA compliant mobile app that connects you with UnitedRx AND the physician, making all aspects of medical care more efficient, direct and cost-effective. Administrators can expedite personnel workflow and coordination, as well as maintain better control of inventory and billing. Together, we can reduce communication breakdowns that slow patient admission time and cause errors.


We believe in technology and ways to aid in communication, tracking and reporting, while at the same time reducing cost, errors, and increasing your bottom line:

UnitedRx has eMAR interfaces with all of the major systems and we’re top-tier partners with many.

Are your eKit medications often not being tracked to residents? How often are medications for new admits missing from your eKits?

Our Cubex Systems (secure medication dispensing cabinets) alleviate that worry since they’re tied directly into our pharmacy systems. We track in real-time what medications have been used and for which patient, and automatic reorder triggers are set up based on your facility’s individual medication thresholds.

With Cubex, you won’t ever have to worry if you have a certain medication for new admits before the full prescription is delivered. Additionally, all medications are billable and trackable, making lost reimbursements a thing of the past.

We’ve integrated DocuTrack into our workflow systems. This allows our staff to work electronically and efficiently, increase productivity and, most importantly, reduce the time it takes to complete your facility’s prescriptions.

The document management software also allows quick and easy access to all information so we can answer any inquiries you might have. We’re also able to receive alerts whenever a STAT order is placed, moving it to the front of the line.

Once we partner together, you’ll be given login information for Framework Link, which allows you to see real-time status updates on any order, including when it left our facility to be delivered at yours.

Other key benefits:

  • Check medication pricing for potential admits
  • Send and receive secure, categorized messages to any FrameworkLink user, including nursing stations
  • Track the messages to know who read the message and when it was read

Real-time resident profile updates, including:

  • Resident demographics
  • Allergies and medical conditions
  • Payer status
  • Drug and non-drug orders
  • Enter requests for new prescriptions, request reorders/refills, or to discontinue an existing order
  • View the status of orders in the current pharmacy workflow or view orders previously shipped
  • Review past billing information and invoices
  • Generate useful reports and queries for your facility

What allows clinical pharmacists to help find efficiencies?

RxPertise™, a mobile consulting software.

Using the industry’s leading report and graph engines, RxPertise provides dozens of reporting and graphing options specifically geared towards Medication Regimen Review (MRR), recommendation outcomes, medication utilization, and resident assessments.
Aggregate reporting and graphing capabilities allow you to compare statistical information of several care centers.

This is an ideal tool for corporate reporting of groups of Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living Facilities.

How often do you have to call your current pharmacy to ask where your delivery is, only to find out that they don’t know?

UnitedRx employs DeliveryTrack™, which allows real-time tracking of orders and drivers.

With this delivery management solution, we always know exactly where our drivers and your deliveries are at the click of a button and can provide you with immediate delivery updates.

“24/7 pharmacy support is important to us; UnitedRx provides that. Their customer service is exemplary. Ami Patel, Director of Pharmacies, and her staff truly understand the specialized needs associated with skilled nursing facilities, whether it be in costs or in communication. Our staff knows that if there are any issues day or night, weekday or weekend, UnitedRx is available with a solution in place.”

Moshe Blonder
Owner, Saba HealthCare

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