A Pharmacy For The Future

Founded in 2008, UnitedRx was formed by pharmacists who needed a state-of-the-art pharmacy experience with a hometown personality. We have since grown into a nationwide support network still dedicated to helping customers every step of the way. As you grow with us you can expect the same level of service that has become synonymous with UnitedRx.

Owners, Administrators & Corporate Directors

Our key differentiators, agility, and custom solutions will provide you with the flexibility you need to reduce costs and enhance your success. This may even allow you to take patient types you normally wouldn’t.

DONs & Nurses

Our goal is to provide solutions that alleviate your frustrations, reducing the hours spent dealing with billing, prior authorization, medication tracking, and other administrative tasks, allowing you more time to spend with your patients.

“24/7 pharmacy support is important to us; UnitedRx provides that. Their customer service is exemplary. Ami Patel, Director of Pharmacies, and her staff truly understand the specialized needs associated with skilled nursing facilities, whether it be in costs or in communication. Our staff knows that if there are any issues day or night, weekday or weekend, UnitedRx is available with a solution in place.”

– Moshe Blonder, Owner, Saba HealthCare

Facility Types

01 Skilled Nursing Facilities
02 Community Integrated Living Arrangements
03 Hospice
04 Residential Communities
05 Assisted Living
06 Other Facilities

Let's improve efficiencies in your facility, today.