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We Simplify, Organize, And Manage The Medicine So You Can Concentrate On Caring.

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Maintaining the highest standards of technical precision without forgetting the human aspect.

At MedCare LTC, we ensure that customers enjoy the full benefit of today’s healthcare services. We understand the diverse needs of a provider and can deliver a comprehensive long-term care solution.

The best healthcare companies adapt services to people’s needs.

MedCare, your preferred resource network.

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Medical Supply and Services

We offer our customers the products, services, and supplies needed in long-term care facilities at competitive pricing. Our partnership with Managed Health Care Associates Inc (MHA), enables our facilities to take advantage of industry-leading savings and contracting.

Delivery Services

We offer customized daily delivery of all your medication orders. Additionally, we offer 24-hour emergency pharmacy service 365 Days a year.

Billing and Records

We provide Physician Orders, MARs & TARs, and Specialized Reports at no additional cost. We also offer a plethora of billing options and handle insurance submissions directly.

Support Services

MedCare LTC seamlessly integrates pharmacy communication, supports DPW inspections, supplies leave-of-absence medications, and responsibly disposes of expired medications for a holistic resident experience. Our comprehensive approach provides an all-in-one vendor experience, streamlining your healthcare needs.


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National Director of Sales and Marketing - UnitedRx, LLC

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Sales Account Executive - UnitedRx, LLC

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Director of Operations - MedCare LTC

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