Residential Communities

Our team provides solutions that reduce the hours spent with administration, allowing you to spend more time with your patients.

We pride ourselves on our cost-effective over-the-counter medication program.

Our strip packaging for 7 or 14 days aids in medication compliance and reduces errors.

UnitedRx’s Medicare Part D assessments will allow your company to best identify, evaluate, and implement new practices. Through these assessments, we will explain everything to you, from late enrollment penalties to annual deductibles. Our team will help improve efficiencies in your facility, today.

Our accuracy in the long-term care pharmaceutical industry is unmatched.

We utilize:

  • Framework Scanning Technology
  • TCGRX Imaging Technology
  • Class-leading security protocols
  • Medispan Database Verification
  • 5-Point Quality Check System


Dedicated side-by-side training programs for all associates.

80% of staff are Certified Pharmacy Technicians.

Average industry experience of 18 years in our leadership team.

Incomparable access to executive leadership.

Let's improve efficiencies in your facility, today.