Three Questions For LTC Pharmacy Partners

Establishing a partnership with a long-term care pharmacy can require some time and research, for a couple of reasons. Long-term care facilities looking to either establish their first-ever pharmacy partnership or find an alternate partnership from the one in which they’re engaged are likely looking for specific attributes. 

Longevity in the industry and knowledge of the market may be two of the first characteristics long-term care facilities look for in pharmacy partners. And that makes sense.

Long-term care facilities, such as assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities, have specific needs related to the treatment demands of their residents. And those types of facilities, to include hospice care, correctional facilities and youth homes, are also held to unique credentialing and regulatory requirements that pharmacy partners will need to not only understand but have the ability to navigate. 

A recent industry assessment indicates the sheer volume of medications that long-term care facilities need to manage. The report, prepared by Access Market Intelligence, estimated that the average long-term care facility houses 100 residents and each resident — who may live with comorbidities — requires up to 12 medications each day. That one estimate means a single long-term care facility could need to distribute 1,200 medications in one day. 

At UnitedRX, we are well-equipped to handle that kind of volume and beyond. As a long-term care pharmacy built, at least in part, with a mission to create valuable efficiencies for overburdened and taxed staff members at long-term care facilities, our team works to make care easier — not more challenging.

While looking for a long-term care pharmacy partner, facilities should look into a few other capabilities during that decision-making process. 

Can they customize? Different long-term care facilities serve different patient populations, which may require customization when it comes to developing a pharmacy partnership. Put simply, a pharmacy partnership has to serve the needs of the facility, or it’s not a good fit. Knowing that, it’s vital for a long-term care facility to ensure that the specific products they need to meet the needs of their patient population are available when they need them. Not every pharmacy partner is the same, so it’s crucial to have that understanding while researching options. At UnitedRX, customization is one of our strong points.

What does pricing look like? While long-term care facilities are in the treatment business, they also have to worry about the bottom line like any other business. Pricing for prescription medications varies by their source, so it’s important to shop around while you can. At UnitedRX, our purchase volume and our internal formulary management program work together to make sure our partners are getting the most effective and most cost-conscious medications available — both of which ultimately create cost savings for facilities in an era of rising costs. 

Are medications accessible? The only constant while working in the healthcare industry is that change is inevitable. Needs can change, depending on patient demands, without notice. Long-term care facilities need pharmacy partners that can respond quickly and effectively, to ensure integrity of care and the safety of the patient. At UnitedRX, we pride ourselves on our ability to be nimble and respond to the changing needs of our partners, even with little notice. It’s part of our commitment to deliver a hometown pharmacy experience while supporting partners with a robust, nationwide network. 

To learn more about how a partnership with UnitedRX may make sense for your long-term care facility, reach out to one of our team members. 
At UnitedRX, we deliver a hometown pharmacy experience to more than 400 clients across the country. Contact us to learn more about how our approach to treatment can meet the pharmacy needs of your long-term care facility.