HIPAA Compliant Communication Methods with UnitedRx

The medical field comes with its own set of terminology and acronyms. Some are easier to understand than others, and many contain complex layers sandwiched between their capital letters. 

HIPAA is one of them. 

Even though the acronym has been around for decades, it’s become one of those shorthand references that people use with an assumption that others understand it. On a very basic level, HIPAA refers to legislation that was designed to better protect sensitive patient information. The acronym itself stands for the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and within the legislation are rules and disclosures that apply to the healthcare industry.

The most important part of the HIPAA legislation is HIPAA compliance, which refers to a healthcare environment that has implemented measures that protect patient privacy, that maintain the integrity of a patient’s information, and that secure patient information. 

For long-term care pharmacies, like UnitedRx, HIPAA-compliant communication — between our experienced pharmacists and the care team at a long-term care facility, is paramount. We appreciate the need for communications that keep patient information secure and private, which is why we utilize HIPAA compliant technology and work with partners to develop communication methods that fit into a long-term care facility’s established protocols. 

Integrating Technology For HIPAA Compliance

Online medical communication with pharmacist

Securing patient information begins with creating and utilizing secure communication platforms. At UnitedRx, we have integrated the use of Mediprocity, a mobile and desktop application that facilitates secure messaging, forms, and prescription orders between long-term care facility teams and our pharmacists. 

The application was developed specifically for the type of communication that is needed between pharmacies and long-term care facilities, and it is not only secure but it creates time-saving efficiencies that eliminate the need to send faxes or engage in phone calls. 

With Mediprocity, providers can easily and securely create and share forms — for COVID-19 exposure, for example — as well as share prescription and patient information with pharmacy partners. In addition, the application allows for secure group messaging, when multiple entities need to be involved, that provides helpful read receipts, information retention, and the ability to send important attachments.

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of the Mediprocity application is the ability it affords providers to securely send, manage or resolve prescription orders from their phone. The availability of that feature even extends to C2s. 

At UnitedRx, we take HIPAA compliance seriously, not just because we have to but because we recognize its value and importance. It’s why we integrate the latest technology into our workflow and it’s why we find ways to fit within a long-term care facility’s communication platform. The privacy and security of patient information can and should never be compromised, and we build our partnerships in ways that ensure that. 

To learn more about how our pharmacists securely communicate with long-term care facility teams, reach out. We’d be happy to walk you through it.

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