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We know education is important to you. It’s important to us, too. Below you’ll find education and CEU resources.

ZYNO Medical Z-800 F Infusion Pump Resources


UnitedRx is phasing in a new pump… the Zyno Z-800F.  We believe it to be more simple and reliable than the current pumps we use. In addition, it was designed with input from Long Term Care Nurses, those that know exactly the pain points you have with other pumps.

We are keenly aware that with a new pump, there is a learning curve.  We will be sending user guides and quick tips with the pumps. However we wanted to share as many resources as possible with you here, the user guides are posted below,  along with training videos.

If you have any questions please call our IV department at 708-449-7600 x 335.

Click here to download Zyno Manual

Click here to download Pump Tips and Tricks


PCC Training Resource

As Point-Click-Care (PCC) becomes a more integral part of patient care, there are a couple of items Nursing Staffs should pay particular attention to while working in PCC.  UnitedRx has created a 15-minute video focusing on those areas that can affect how patient orders are received and processed within the pharmacy.

This video can be used as an in-service or watched on-demand. View this video on the UnitedRx YouTube Channel –

Additionally here are PCC trainings on cleaning up “orders” and “receiving supply” messages.

If you would like to schedule an in-service please reach out to Heidy Hwang, Lead Pharmacy Consultant at 708-449-7600 x 292.

Baxter Pump Training Resources

We know that staff can change frequently, to assist you with IV pump training or pump review, below please find a link to the manual and user tips for the Baxter Pump that UnitedRx uses.  In addition, we have posted training videos courtesy of Wayne Hospital on our YouTube channel (see link below).  If you have any questions please call our IV department at 708-449-7600 x 335.

Click here to download Baxter Manual

Click here to download Pump Tips and Tricks

View the video


MiniBag Plus / Dial-A-Flo Resources

For our customers that are using the MinBag Plus, here are some resources for you and your team, including a pictorial set of directions.

Written Instructions

Visual Instructions


Safety Pen Needle Resources


In an effort to provide you the best products and services possible, UnitedRx is now using the BD AutoShield Duo as its preferred safety pen needle.  There were several factors in this decision for the following reasons:

  • Both the front and back end of the pen needle have the potential to be contaminated after use, and BD AutoShield Duo is the only safety pen needle that passively conceals needle front and back ends after use reducing nurse exposure to the needle.
  • BD AutoShield Duo provides advantages to the patient as the needle is 5 mm in length and therefore may reduce the risk of an intramuscular injection in patients which can be a potential risk for hypoglycemia.
  • A 5mm needle does not require a lifted skin fold.
  • It is compatible with all insulin pens

Click here to download the Step by Step Guide.

Click here to view the AutoShield Video and other Diabetes videos.

Premium Resources

The Road to Health Toolkit

The Road to Health Toolkit

How to Prevent or Delay Type 2 Diabetes in Your Community: A Flipchart for Community Health Workers

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Checkbook for Diabetes Health

Checkbook for Diabetes Health

Diabetes may be hard to manage. This checkbook can help you know what tests you need and how often you should have them.

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ADA Pocket Guide reduced_Page_1

ADA Pocket Guide

An easy to read quick reference guide for clinicians on diabetes management guidelines.

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In-Service Pharmacy Programs

In-Service Pharmacy Programs

UnitedRx can provide in-service programs for you and your staff on a variety of protocols and disease state education.

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Tips on Avoiding Overmedication

As patients grow older often time, the number of medications increases. Read these tips to help reduce the chances of over medicating your residents

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