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We understand your frustrations, which is why we strive to provide value beyond the medication. Our solutions are customizable. You have a voice in how we serve you, how we communicate with you, and when deliveries are made.

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UnitedRx was formed by pharmacists who saw a need in the marketplace for pharmacies that listened to their customers.

Because customer service has and always will be our focus, we flex and adapt to your needs and customize solutions to fit those needs. You won’t ever hear us say “no, that’s not how we do it”. Our customers have a voice in everything we do – from initial order taking to delivery at your facility.

Our Vision

The nursing staff is the greatest asset in a Long Term Care facility. We provide nursing staff with access to the latest technology and real-time communication tools in order to increase efficiency and allow more focus on caring for their residents.

The UnitedRx Difference

Customer Service

We’re focused on building personal, reliable relationships, which is why we don’t have a general call center. Our pharmacy management team is available to you 24/7. You’ll always know exactly who to call, since providing you with their phone number is part of our onboarding process and daily customer service.

Our consultant pharmacists will help your facility and staff with medication cart/room reviews, chart reviews to identify duplicative therapy, developing clinical protocols, and other issues, thereby removing the burden from you and ensuring smooth visits from state inspectors. Along with nurse consultants, we also provide educational offerings to your staff such as medication administration, disease state, and customized education based on your needs (e.g. IV Review Courses).

In addition, our centralized billing, prior authorization, and medical records departments are here to relieve you and your staff of administrative burdens. We’re flexible, adaptable, and innovative, which means we’re willing to work with you to develop the best solutions for your contracting, pricing, process, and delivery challenges.

We have our own team of drivers who are tracked, uniformed, and – most importantly – trained in the art of customer service. In fact, many of them are pharmacy technicians, so they understand the importance of timely and accurate delivery.


We communicate the way you need to communicate. We’re well-versed in all eHR systems and once we’re integrated with you, the need for paper MR goes away. But if you aren’t there yet, telephone and fax orders are still in our wheelhouse.

The newest tool in our communication armamentarium is Mediprocity, a secure HIPAA compliant mobile app that connects you with UnitedRx AND the physician, making all aspects of medical care more efficient, direct, and cost-effective. Administrators can expedite personnel workflow and coordination, as well as maintain better control of inventory and billing. Together, we can reduce communication breakdowns that slow patient admission time and cause errors.


We believe in technology. As such, we have leveraged our technologies for use in communication, tracking, and reporting, while at the same time reducing cost, errors, and increasing your bottom line. To best assist you, we utilize an interface with 99% of eMAR companies, have automated dispensing units that can hold over 300 medications for first dose/STAT use, FrameworkLink/FrameworkVision for quick pricing for new admissions, RxPertise for pharmacist consulting reports and recommendations, and DeliveryTrack for real-time driver tracking and proof of delivery.


We can provide education to you and your staff. Feel free to browse the educational resources section on our website to learn more, as well as schedule an in-service for your team.

Client Testimonials

The nursing home business is even more difficult these days with Covid and its many restrictions, but one crucial part of my business I no longer have to worry about is pharmacy. Since partnering with UnitedRx I have only received top-level professional service. The staff is knowledgeable, professional, and accessible. UnitedRx is a valuable asset in the overall operation of my business.

- Maury Aaron, COO, Dynamic Healthcare Consultants

Client Testimonials

I’ve been a customer of UnitedRx for 10 years and they always come through when I’ve needed them. The staff consistently has that “sense of urgency” I require and always follow up on everything requested. Ami Patel, the Director of Pharmacy, is available and has been such an asset to my facility operation. In this challenging environment, I highly recommend UnitedRx as a pharmacy partner.

- Carrie Dipaolo, Chief Operating Officer, Infinity of Illinois

Client Testimonials

United Rx has a team approach to support. They are a wealth of information and assistance. They communicate well within their organization. They are supportive during surveys. This is a great team to work with.

- Andrea, Clinical Director

Client Testimonials

24/7 pharmacy support is important to us; UnitedRx provides that. Their customer service is exemplary. Ami Patel, Director of Pharmacies, and her staff truly understand the specialized needs associated with skilled nursing facilities, whether it be in costs or communication. Our staff knows that if there are any issues day or night, weekday or weekend, UnitedRx is available with a solution in place.

- Moshe Blonder, Owner, Saba HealthCare

Client Testimonials

We have a unique population at The Center On Deafness in regards to insurance. We have residents on public aid, private insurance, out-of-state, Medicare, and Medicaid. Five years ago, UnitedRx was able to identify billing issues from our previous pharmacy and developed unique solutions enabling us to realize tremendous savings. Because of the attention given to our facility, we have confidence that all of our pharmacy needs will be met and we’re able to focus on our mission without worry.

- Clinical Director/ Director of Nursing, Center on Deafness

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